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Factory Recomended Services

Stay current with your vehicle's factory recommended services! This helps to maintain the value of your vehicle while keeping you informed of its overall condition.  We are well versed with our personal experience as well as the most up to date manufacturer information regarding the ever-evolving upkeep of your particular make and model.   Please…
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Fluid Maintenance

Keep your vehicle's internal components running smooth by refreshing fluids. Brake systems, transmissions, transfer cases, differentials, and clutch systems all operate on distinct fluids. Fluids should be replaced based on manufacturer service recommendations or based on visual inspection.   Small preventative maintenance fees save large costs of repairing or replacing damaged components due to tarnished fluids. De…
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Tire Maintenance

Mount and balance one tire up to 18"...$29 18" Wheel and greater or reverse mount...$39   Tire rotation...$40   4 wheel dynamic tire balance...$69   4 wheel alignment for most vehicles...$85
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